Operation Unisson is operated by a team of young professionals who volunteer their time to help children in Haiti and Uganda. We believe children are our future and through public health interventions we can make a long lasting impact. We are passionate about our mission and believe in partnering with local organizations to achieve the greatest outcomes. Join us!


Six years in Haiti and three in Uganda.


Our projects help over 1,100 children per year.


Since we volunteer our time, your donations go straight to our programs.


We use evidence-based and best practices frameworks as the base of our programs.

Our Story

Operation Unisson unofficially started in 2010 after the devastating earthquake that occurred in Haiti. Paola, who now serves as President, was part of the earthquake emergency relief work and couldn’t walk away from all that she saw. After her return to the United States she and a small group of talented and caring individuals began brainstorming how to create sustainable change Haiti. By 2011 Operation Unisson was a registered 501(c)3 organization. Now, more than eight years later we stand strong in solidarity with Haiti. Haiti is the country where we spend most of our time and efforts.

In 2013 Operation Unisson traveled to Karamoja, Uganda with another small nonprofit who focuses on water projects. We saw how children suffer the most in this dry region. The children walk miles to find water and when they do it’s contaminated and causes many gastrointestinal diseases. We decided to join these efforts to create a bigger impact and now three independent nonprofits work together to bring access to water to this region.